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We are so pleased that you have stopped by.  We believe that a holistic approach to health will lead you to feeling fabulous!

What We Do

Mindfulness Awareness

Becoming mindful in your everyday life can be an amazing and uplifting experience.  We can help you to learn the tools to practice mindfulness in your everyday life. Share tips and tools that are simple to manage and add into your day.  Our goal is to help you shift your mind and body to a place of calmness, joy and awareness.

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Let's Reduce Your Inflammation Together

Inflammation in the body is the starting point for all ailments large and small.  We have information and a program that will work with your body, at your pace, to reduce your inflammation.  This can lead to amazing health changes for you.  Please reach out so that we can get started with you.

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Shopping and Meal Planning

Shopping for the right ingredients and planning for nutritious meals on a financial and time constraint budget can be tough. We can help you with your planning and shopping.  Let us work with you to show you how this can be done to prepare and provide your family with just what they need to be nutritionally nourished and truly satisfied with their meals.

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Holistic Nutritionist & Aromatherapist in training

Natalie Beauchamp

I currently attend CSNN Mississauga, training to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

Additionally I am training to become a Certified Aromatherapist with Joy Essence Online Certification.

Both these modalities offer wonderful options for improved health.

My own health challenges related to Hashimotos Disease, Hypothyroidism and Arthritis have set me on this new journey.

Today I am happy to answer your questions, provide recipe and shopping ideas and be your source of nutritional information.

Upon graduation in August 2019 I will officially be available to guide you on your health journey by offering Holistic Nutrition in Oakville and Health and Wellness in person in the GTA and elsewhere via video conference.

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